Vac, is the Balinese/Hindu Goddess of charms and incantations. She is called the heavenly queen, the Queen of the gods – she overflows with sweetness and gifts vital power of creation. She gives us the amazing riches of language and thought.

Vac’s themes are purification, protection, offerings and communication. Traditionally, Vac is present in any sacred words that convey occult power or knowledge.

This adornment is hand-crafted specially made for you.  Please allow 2-weeks for delivery.


  • Metal: 24K- Gold Plated
  • Gemstones: Onyx, Aventurine, Quartz
  • Plumes: Silver Pheasant and Duck Feathers
  • Shell: White Coral
  • Ear wire: Vermeil


  • 11.5″L

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